Get Started!

Merchant guide for:

  • Taking Applications
  • Logging in to the Merchant Portal
  • Invoicing and Completing Transactions

How it Works

mobile app icon

Customer applies in-store or online using your Customer Application Link.

target icon

The Terrace Finance platform works to match the customer with a lender.

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Notification of approval status is sent to both you and the customer.

send invoice

You create and send an invoice for the final total of the goods within the merchant portal.

The contract and first payment are initiated by the assigned lender.

get paid icon

You receive confirmation from the lender and release the goods!


Our application is PAPERLESS! All you need is your unique Customer Application Link to get started. We included it in your Welcome Email at onboarding. Request it again if you’ve lost track of it.

3 Ways to Use Your Customer Application Link

Embed it on Your Site

laptop with web page

Your unique link can be embedded in a button, image, or menu item. Tech-savvy? Go for it! Not so much? It’s an easy add for your web developer.

Find marketing assets for sharing your linke in the Marketing Toolkit.

Share it Online

email example

Email or text your link to customers. Keep it bookmarked in your browser so it’s easy to find when you want to copy and paste it into social posts or emails.

Post it In-Store

in-store flier

Printable pdf point-of-sale flyers customized with your link and QR code are available! Put one in a stand, print up a bunch- it’s up to you. Now available with and without an area to place your logo.


Once customers begin submitting applications using your link, the deals will be visible on your merchant dashboard within the Terrace Finance Merchant Portal. Log in to monitor the status of each of your applicants and complete transactions.

Login Steps

Click the Login Button

Login button on FlexApproved

The Login button is located in the top right corner of this website.

Sign In With Username & Password

Your username is the email address you provided when you registered with us as a merchant.

Utilize the temporary password given to you in your Welcome Email for your initial sign-in. Call us at 888-509-1370 for password assistance.

Click Sign In to continue.

Watch the video below to learn how to change your password to a secure one of your choosing.

Get One-Time Password

Check the box next to “Email ID” and hit Continue to receive a 6-digit code to complete your secure sign-in.

If an email with the code does not arrive immediately from the sender “Info”, check your junk folder.

Complete the Validation

Input the 6-digit code from the email and click Validate OTP to gain access to your merchant dashboard.

For your security, steps will have to be repeated each time you log in.


An invoice must be submitted through the system in order to complete a transaction and receive funding from a lender. When Customer Status is “APPROVED” you are ready to submit an invoice.

Invoicing Steps

Click the Upload Symbol

Within your dashboard, to the far right of each customer, is an upload icon. When you are ready to create the invoice for a customer, click the upload icon next to them.

Click the “+” Sign

invoicing screen

Certain fields within the invoice will be auto-populated. You will need to fill in the rest. Click the “+” sign to enter the product information of the item(s). Keep clicking the “+” to add more items.

You can upload your own invoice from your computer, but it must contain the same required info such as brand, SKU, etc. To upload your own, click the “+” sign, then below it hit the blue “select file(s)” button to import.


invoice page

In order to submit the final invoice, fields in red should be auto-populated by the system. Fields in green* should be completed by you.

If the lender has not issued an approval yet, the Approval Amount field will be blank. You can click Save and come back to the invoice when the customer receives their approval.

Click Save or Save & Submit (if available) when all fields are complete.



Once the customer has signed their contract and made any required down payment, Terrace Finance will notify you via email that the transaction is complete. DO NOT release the merchandise to the customer until you have our confirmation.


A: Yes! We offer merchant training sessions which you may take advantage of as many times as you need. Whether you are brand-new or just need a review, make an appointment here for a 1:1 with a specialist.

Just have a quick question? You can always contact our Customer Care Team at 888-509-1370 if you need immediate assistance.

A: Absolutely! In fact, educating your entire team will increase the success rate of the program, netting you more approved customers!

Request a group appointment for your team here. We can even accommodate special topic requests, conduct refresher training and more! Contact our Customer Care Team at 888-509-1370.

A: No worries, we’ve got you covered! You can request it here or contact our Customer Care Team at 888-509-1370.

Additionally, if it’s been a while since you onboarded, we now have shorter links that are more appropriate for sharing via social media and email. Get yours today!

A: Look for the small “person” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Click the icon and choose “change password” from the dropdown menu and follow the prompts.

A: Embedding the link is not difficult if you have access to and are accustomed to making edits in the back end of your site. If not, your website developer can easily handle this task.

A few things to consider:

  • Do you already have a dedicated financing page with your other providers listed, or will that need to be created? This is a good place to place a banner embedded with your unique Customer Application Link.
  • Are there other locations on your site where you might like to add a button or logo? Your link can be embedded in a logo or a button similar to the other buttons on your site.

Our official banner, logo, and compliant language are available for download at

Give us a call at 888-509-1370 if you need more guidance.

A: Once your link is installed, go to your live site and click on it as a customer would. If you arrive at the Terrace Finance application as expected and the last 4 digits of the string of characters that appear in the address window match your store number, then the installation is a success.

If you have any questions or require assistance, call our Customer Care Team at 888-509-1370.

A: We provide a pdf flyer customized with your link at the time of onboarding. Simply print it out from the file on your own printer or forward it to your favorite copy shop for printing. If you need us to resend it, request it here.

A: Yes! You can request a version of the point-of-sale flyer with a space to insert your logo. Use a pdf editing program such as Acrobat to add your logo or use a stamp or sticker.
Call our Customer Care Team at 888-509-1370 to request it.

A: You will need to log in to the portal to access your Merchant Dashboard. Once the customer has input their personal information, they will appear in your Merchant Dashboard.

You can monitor their status through your Merchant Dashboard. You will be able to see their progress throughout the application process and provide assistance in the event that they appear to be stuck.

A: Commercial applicants are currently handled through a different process due primarily to the wide variety of programs that our commercial lender network offers. Our Commercial team works directly with your customer. They in-turn will notify you directly when it’s time to submit the invoice.

For commercial application assistance, call Francine Reading at 502-413-5444 or email at

A: The exclamation point means there is a piece of required information missing (stipulation) from the customer before their approval can be finalized. You may “Click” the exclamation point to learn what information is missing.

We send a series of communications to the applicant via email and sms text to alert them of the missing information. However, we also encourage you to take the opportunity to alert them, as well.

A: Almost! Once the customer is approved two things still remain to be completed before you release the merchandise.

  1. You must complete an invoice and submit it within your merchant dashboard, and
  2. The customer must read and agree to the lender’s offer and terms and e-sign the documents. We will email you with confirmation.