Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have partnered with Terrace Finance to provide application processing and support.

  • Apply—Once approved, go shopping! The application process is quick and easy and can be completed on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Take It Home—Take your merchandise home the same day or arrange for delivery.
  • Make Payments—Make all of your payments according to the terms of your agreement and own your merchandise upon completion.

There are no application fees! You are under no obligation to any lender/lessor until you sign your agreement. Full terms and conditions will be presented to you prior to signature. If you have any questions, call, text, or email us.

Instant decisions are available depending on the product category and the payment solution which best matches your credit profile. Some lenders/lessors may require additional documentation to verify identity, such as a driver’s license, or income verification such as bank statements or pay stubs.

Lease-to-own is a way to get the products you need without making a full payment up front. You can lease the goods for the initial term (or longer) and then you own the product when you finish making all the payments.

Products that are tangible, durable (expected to last longer than the term of the lease), safe (reasonably safe and not prone to excessive litigation/ liability), and returnable.

We work with multiple lenders/lessors to find a payment solution that fits both your unique credit profile and the products you need. For any application, credit score paints only part of the picture. Income, time on the job, and various other aspects of credit history may come into play.

This varies by the specific lender/lessor, but most offer early payment discounts. Early payoff options will be outlined in your agreement. Be sure to read your agreement before e-signing.

Yes! We offer a variety of Commercial Programs. Matching a business with a commercial program is a consultative process. Learn more here: or call our Commercial Team Leader, John Papadopoulos, at 954-636-8571.